Going on vacation or being away from home for an extended period can be a big transition, but having a trustworthy nanny can make all the difference. If your contract includes paying your nanny during this time, you might be wondering how to keep them busy or what tasks they can take on to support your household. We’re here to help! Beyond their regular responsibilities, nannies can provide valuable support by maintaining your home and ensuring everything is in order for your return. Here’s a list of helpful tasks a nanny can take on while you’re away:

1. Organize the Kids’ Playroom

A nanny can turn a cluttered playroom into an orderly space where toys and supplies are neatly stored. This might involve sorting toys into bins, organizing craft supplies, and creating designated areas for different activities. One particularly useful task is identifying and pulling out toys your children no longer play with. This can be a challenge when the kids are around because, as every parent knows, those forgotten toys suddenly become their favorites again! By tackling this while the children are away, a nanny can streamline the playroom, making it more functional and enjoyable for everyone when they return.

2. Tidy Up and Organize Kids’ Closets

Keeping kids’ closets neat and organized can be a challenging task. While the family is away, a nanny can take on this daunting chore by organizing clothing by size, season, or type. They can make sure frequently worn items are easily accessible, while storing away out-of-season clothing. Additionally, your nanny can sort through and remove clothes that no longer fit—tackling this dreaded task that every mom knows can be a relief when done without the kids around! This helps create a clutter-free and functional closet space that’s ready for use when you return.

3. Stock Up on Groceries

To make your return home more pleasant, a nanny can take care of grocery shopping to ensure the house is well-stocked with essentials. They can replenish pantry staples, fresh produce, and other groceries based on a pre-arranged list or meal plan. Having a fully stocked kitchen can make it easier to settle back into your routine after your time away.

4. Deep Clean the House

Taking advantage of the empty house, a nanny can perform deep cleaning tasks that are harder to do with everyone home. This could include cleaning out the fridge, organizing the pantry, scrubbing bathrooms, or even tackling larger cleaning projects like washing windows or organizing storage spaces.

5. Dogsit or Housesit

If you need someone to watch your animals or housesit while you’re away, your nanny can step in to help. This can include feeding and walking pets, bringing in mail, watering plants, and ensuring the house is secure. If your nanny is willing to stay overnight, be sure to compensate them for the additional responsibilities, as this extends beyond their typical duties.

6. Handle Minor Repairs and Maintenance

If comfortable with basic repairs, a nanny can manage minor household maintenance tasks. This might include changing light bulbs or arranging for professional repairs if something more significant comes up.

7. Prepare the House for Your Return

To ensure a smooth return, a nanny can prepare the house by making sure everything is clean and in order. This might involve making beds, vacuuming, and tidying up common areas. A well-prepared home can help you and your family ease back into your routine without stress.

8. Update and Maintain Household Inventories

A nanny can update and maintain household inventories, such as pantry items, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. This helps keep track of what needs to be replenished and ensures you have everything you need when you return.

9. Prepare Meals for Your Return

Although the family is away, a nanny can prepare meals that can be stored in the fridge or freezer for when you return. This ensures that you have home-cooked meals ready to heat up, saving you the effort of cooking immediately after a trip.

10. Coordinate with Service Providers

If there are any scheduled services such as cleaning, maintenance, or landscaping, the nanny can coordinate and oversee these while the family is away. This ensures that regular household maintenance continues uninterrupted.

While you’re away, having a proactive nanny who can manage these tasks can be incredibly beneficial. It not only keeps your home in order but also allows you to focus on your time away without worrying about household matters. By taking care of everything from organizing closets to stocking groceries, a nanny can make sure you come home to a clean, well-prepared house.

Whether it’s deep cleaning, grocery shopping, or housesitting, a great nanny can help maintain your household and provide peace of mind, making your return as smooth and stress-free as possible.