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Silver Lining Nanny & Doula Services is committed to offering services that keep you and your family safe. We are here to guide you on your pregnancy journey, be there for you after baby comes home and dedicated to offering top-notch care for your little ones when you have to be away.


While we don’t have full-time or part-time permanent nannies available on our team, we at Silver Lining Nanny Services understand the importance of finding the right Nanny to become part of your family. We’ve all been Nannies so we know the qualities you are looking for! 

Once we have met with your family to gather all the information needed, we will find qualified Nanny Candidates. All of the Nanny Candidates will then have their resumes and references checked, backgrounds checked and will be interviewed by Elise. Upon passing our selective interview process, we will set up a final meeting with you and the Nanny to make sure you are a good match!


Throughout history, after giving birth, caring family members with a great deal of experience and wisdom to offer surrounded women. This kind of help is rarely available to new parents in many societies today with increased distance from family and the responsibilities of parenting in the modern world. Our education, quiet support, and guidance are a manifestation of traditional postpartum support that many cultures are missing today. Some of the services we offer are nurturing the new mother (helping her care for her postpartum body, allowing her to rest), breastfeeding support, infant care, sibling care, emotional support, cooking meals, light house cleaning, errands, pumping/breastfeeding schedule, and helping the new baby adjust to a schedule. We can go into more detail about our services at our consultation. We offer overnight and daytime support.


Utilize one of our nannies anytime you need childcare for one day up to three months for children eight months and older. The nannies on our team work with multiple children of all ages, are CPR certified and have a clear background check. This service is perfect for when a child is sick, on in-service days from school, on vacation throughout the school year, and on summer vacation. Nannies are even available to help out with grocery shopping and preparing easy meals for children! Also available, for an additional hazard fee, are nannies who will care for children when any member of your home is sick!


From the comfort of your home, parent coaching offers a judgment-free, confidential space for parents to set goals, vent, and communicate. Through parent coaching, you will work to foster calm, confident discipline, respectful communication, and relationships between all members of your family. Committing to ongoing coaching helps parents cultivate a wide variety of solutions for any situation. With the ongoing support of Elise and her years of expertise, parents will also develop a better understanding of each other, their children and the family as a whole. Book a parent discovery today and accomplish your parenting goals.


Ever feel the need to get away but secretly dread it because you will be without your Doula or Nanny? Well, get your bags packed because we offer Doulas and Nannies who will travel with you and care for your little ones! This service is best utilized for parents with multiple children, parents traveling for work, or parents needing extra support as it is charged daily not hourly. When traveling the family pays for the Doula or Nanny’s transportation costs, food costs, and all event costs incurred while working.  The rate of this services depends on the length of the trip and care needed.

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