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Testimonials from happy clients

Tracy Says … I highly recommend Silver Lining Doula Services. They are extremely knowledgeable, very patient, and caring. Any new mama and their little ones would be very lucky to work with them.


Nikea Says …“Silver Linings stepped in to quickly match us with a temporary nanny and was able to do so with just 1 week’s notice. Their timeliness, attention to detail, and the personal attention we received made all the difference. This is exactly what we needed as our family searched for new childcare options during the post-COVID stress of returning to work. I’m thrilled with the high-quality and compassionate nanny that they matched us with.”


Standish Says …Silver Lining Doula and Nanny Services has been just what my family has needed for these past couple of years. Quick response time for scheduling, concerns, or questions. Extremely caring and has an uncanny ability to address a family’s specific needs. I would highly recommend them for both doula and nanny services. It’s worth it.


Angela Says …Silver Linings is the best! My kids love their nanny and we do too. She’s the perfect combination of super nanny and house manager.


Jo Says …We tried sittercity and with absolutely no luck. I heard about many services but other nanny services wouldn’t even speak to me without charging me $1500+ and I honestly had no idea if my budget/needs could be realistically met in the Raleigh area. We were looking for a nanny that was actively social distancing but had at least one small child so that my daughter could be safer than daycare but still get some socialization. I was about to give up and begrudgingly put my daughter back into daycare until I was told to reach out to Silver Linings. They were super responsive! They had 3 potential options, in my budget within 24 hours before I’d given them any money at all. We only had to place a small deposit for them to finish the placement and we got a nanny that was absolutely perfect for our home! This was absolutely worth the cost and we are so happy! Now my daughter gets to play with her new friends 3-4 days a week and I’ve already seen improvements with language development. I’m so happy with this service that I’d recommend them to anyone trying to keep their child out of daycare!


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